Bespoke Brands is run by Neil and Lance Corrigan, a.k.a ‘The Brand Brothers’.

Neil has worked in marketing management for more than 25 years and successfully helped organisations to achieve their goals time and time again. Lance is a talented, creative, and detail-driven graphic designer, with more than 20 years of experience.

Based in the North West, we serve the local business community as well as other parts of the UK, empowering brands to grow and stand out from the crowd. Specialisms include marketing strategy, branding services, graphic design as well as online and offline campaigns.

Our mission is to always provide our clients with a made-to-measure approach. We have a well-established, tried-and-tested method that whilst appearing simple is highly effective in getting real world results. A method that aims to help our clients in the investigation and analysis of their brand performance on a much deeper level, asking all the right questions to truly help them understand who they are and what they want to stand for. From here we can help guide them to where they want to go.

Every element of Bespoke Brands’ services is tailored to the needs and goals of our clients and we pride ourselves on being able to offer a truly bespoke solution. This is because you, your business and your products are unique, so it only stands to reason that your brand identity is too. In the same way that you can choose to buy a suit off-the-peg, or have it tailor-made, graphic designers and branding agencies often fall into two similar camps – fast and cheap or methodical and quality focused.

We work at all times with both transparency and honesty; collaborating, sharing information and tailoring our approach to match our client’s own unique preferences and goals – as we know from our experience ‘one size doesn’t fit all’.

Bespoke Brands’ core values are honesty, integrity, attention to detail, creativity and innovation. The company is committed to helping clients grow their business and enjoy increased success.

—— How we can help

As a business we generally offer our clients the following three, core branding services:

1. Brand Review

Brand Review involves getting to know an organisation and fully understand what it does, its target audiences, its aspirations and how it differs from its competitors. Bespoke Brands takes a thorough and professional look at an organisation’s name, logo and how it represents itself to the outside world, assessing whether these accurately reflect its products and services, ethos and aims, as well as eliciting a positive response from its key audiences.

2. Brand Development

Brand Development involves either refining an organisation’s existing brand or completely revolutionising it. Bespoke Brands employs an 8-stage tried-and-tested process which includes a detailed briefing and ultimately the creation of unique logo concepts and files, plus comprehensive brand guidelines.

3. Brand Support

Brand Support involves on-going support and advice to assist clients with the application of their branding in a clear and consistent manner, either on an adhoc or retained basis.

Working together, we will first look to determine the right strategy required to successfully develop the branding, messaging, communications, and necessary campaigns to achieve your specific branding goals. We would ensure that the goals themselves have been informed by a full understanding of current performance levels and that the intended outcomes of each campaign include quantifiable targets, realistic timeframes, and valid demographic parameters. Once we know the correct marketing plan we need to follow, we can adopt a wholly tailored approach.