If you’d designed an impressive ‘Grand Designs’ worthy building, wouldn’t you want to build it in a beautiful setting too? A location with a stunning view that encapsulates the architecture of the building. If the plot you had was in need of some major TLC, then it would certainly take away from the overall look and feel.

Yes, you could probably tidy things up a bit yourself, but you’d likely hire a professional landscaper to expertly cultivate the surrounding land so that the building and scenery work sympathetically together.

Well, the same goes for your business and developing a website. You might have a knockout brand and a great service or product, but if you don’t encapsulate that with the right website design, then you could end up detracting from it.

There is more to a well-designed website than meets the eye, that’s why professional website development is so important…

Bespoke design

When a user lands on your website, for better or worse, they are making judgements and forming an impression of you.

While it is totally feasible to throw something together using a prebuilt (cookie cutter) template on a DIY website builder, one issue is that many other businesses will be doing the same thing. Even with some customisations, your design can end up looking very similar to a lot of others.

A professional web developer will utilise the latest web technologies and trends to create an engaging website that is tailored to your business and brand.

Responsive design

With more and more websites being visited on a mobile device, it goes without saying that your website needs to adapt to all screen sizes. Testing across browsers and devices is an essential part of web design, and it’s something that takes time and know-how.

User experience

The cardinal rule of web design? Put the user first. A well designed website will be mindful of the user journey with easy-to-use navigation, functionality and a clear flow.

If a potential customer can’t figure out the benefits of doing business with you, or the functionality of the site makes it a struggle, then they are unlikely to engage with you.

Reliable support

Managing a business is already a lot to handle, so don’t add to your stress by maintaining your website too. And if something goes wrong, it can prove time consuming and costly.

Choosing a provider that will offer reliable, ongoing support is a must. Let the professionals take care of your site’s maintenance and longevity so that you can focus on doing what you do best, with the peace of mind that it’s all being looked after.


Search Engine Optimisation is an essential tool for business owners, and your website needs to be optimised to be able to appear in search results.

Often, the goals of web design and SEO are conflicting. A professional web developer will build a visually engaging design that still works well within search engine friendly frameworks.

In short, working with a professional web developer will ensure that your brand and values are being authentically represented online. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your target audience is having a good experience engaging with you, and that there’s reliable support on hand should you need it.

Surf Up is a web design studio who create unique, fully managed websites. Big enough to have the experience and skills, yet small enough to give a really great personal service.

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