Animation. It’s not just The Lego Movie and Shrek.

It’s a lot more than cartoons.

Animation can – and should – be serious business. An essential part of your marketing.

If you want to tell your company’s story, if you want to get your message across, there’s no better way than animation.

It’s short, it’s sharp – and it grabs the viewer’s attention.
My name is Bryony Catlow, and I’ve been animating for the best part of 20 years.

I’ve done animations for a host of household names. My animations have persuaded people to roll their sleeves up and have their Covid boosters. I’ve made the driest technical subjects interesting.

I’ve worked with clients like Bet365 and Trivago; Durham City Council and the NHS; the Alzheimer’s Society and SAGE. And, of course, Bespoke Brands…

The shortest animation I’ve done was five seconds: the longest was five minutes.

They all had one thing in common: they all said a lot in a short space of time. And in an age where the average attention span is getting shorter and shorter, that’s good news.

Animation can work for any business or organisation.
It gives the person watching a lot of information: animation educates, entertains and informs.

It makes complicated subjects easy to understand.
A short animated film will play on a PC, a tablet – or on your mobile. You can watch it once – or as many times as you like. You can pause it, re-wind it, play it an infinite number of times.

And it’s memorable.

That e-mail someone sent you? The PDF they attached? Too long, didn’t read…

But the short, sharp two minute animation with the 240 word voice over? You’ve watched it half-a-dozen times. And you’ve shared it. And now you’re going to phone them…

2 Bears are an animation studio who have worked with international brands such as SAGE, Lakeland, Honda, Inov8 and Trivago, creating explainer videos, social media content and commercials for online & TV.