A huge chunk of our experience is working with technical businesses, such as software developers, hardware resellers, engineers, manufacturers, surveyors and construction.

Their challenge is to convert ‘what they do’ into ‘what you’ll get’. Sounds simple, but not easy when you are too close to your business.

You see, clients and customers don’t buy features, they want benefits. Sure, features are important, but what is much more important is the time and money they’ll save or gain from using said features.

An analogy we use a lot in this instance is when buying a car. When was the last time you went into a car showroom and asked how the motor worked? And even if the dealer explained it, wouldn’t you rather know how the motor’s operation (or features) translated into range, efficiency, performance, reliability – and ultimately residual value?

In our experience, most technical businesses feel more comfortable in the features and jargon ‘zone’. They believe that spouting details, tech specs, acronyms and functionality will portray them as sophisticated and knowledgeable.

In truth, it only serves to confuse and baffle potential buyers. By concentrating on what they want to say rather than what buyers want to hear, businesses alienate and discourage buyers from engaging and purchased something that could ultimately provide the benefits and results they’re looking for.

By focussing on what the buyer needs and wants instead of what their product does, businesses are better placed to communicate with their target audiences and generate more enquiries and sales.

Sometimes a simple metaphor or messaging can be the ticket to attracting buyers. Other times, sharing stories about how you’ve helped a client or customer achieve their desired outcomes and benefits is a more credible and clearer way to get the message across, particularly when told from the client’s perspective. After all, they use similar language and have similar requirements to the reader, so it’s much easier to understand what they were looking for, what they got and how it benefited them.

So if you’re struggling to get your message across, or feel that you should be selling more of your technical product or service than you currently do, why not give us a call to see if we can help you convert the complexities into a compelling marketing proposition.