If you work with the really interesting clients, you enjoy the really interesting work. And being able to work with clients like Hadlow Edwards has allowed Bespoke Brands to work on a really exciting project.

Bespoke Brands have spoke with Fiona Clarke, Marketing Specialist from Hadlow Edwards to discover how they enabled her to achieve her targets and showcase their expertise and skills. Bespoke Brands wanted to play an instrumental role in enabling the growth and further success of this reputable financial advisors, based in Wrexham.


Fiona Clarke contacted Bespoke Brands, after Wealth Management Consultant, John Sherlock had recommended their marketing and design services. On considering rebranding their organisation, Fiona mentioned that Bespoke Brands came ‘highly recommended’ and this prompted her to approach the company. With 20 years’ experience in the financial sector, Hadlow Edwards prides itself in being a ‘thinking space practice’ with a strong reputation within the community of Wrexham. Situated on the main street that runs through the city, Hadlow Edwards is placed at the heart of the community. Most of their client base is comprised of referrals and Fiona was seeking to reach out to new people and customers, not just gain new patronage through recommendations.

The Challenge

The two founders, Medwyn and Warren, have both continued to build up their clients mainly by word-of-mouth. Hadlow Edwards wanted to expand and advance their referral rates and create a website to attract new people to use their financial services. However, before looking at the website the company realised it was a perfect time to bring their brand into a modern light, so it was concluded that a complete rebrand would address this issue. Moreover, they felt like they needed to target a younger demographic to help educate them, making them financially aware about the importance of planning for the future.

Why Hadlow Edwards choose Bespoke Brands?

After researching local companies, Fiona recognised that Bespoke Brands was reasonably priced and she based her decision, following a recommendation, on the look of Bespoke Brand’s website. She said, ‘If we’re looking to do a rebrand, it doesn’t really bode well if the company’s website is a little bit rubbish’. Bespoke Brand’s enticing website showcased what they could provide for Fiona and Hadlow Edwards, combined with a wealth of experience of working in the financial sector and an excellent knowledge of the company’s marketing and brand guidelines.

The Service and the Solution

Bespoke Brands was able to provide a personable, professional and friendly service. After meeting with Fiona, they demonstrated they were knowledgeable, in terms of what they were explaining, and their reasoning behind what they created. Fiona noted that their enthusiasm was a standout feature, exemplified in their pitch. Once fully briefed, Bespoke Brands were able to create a new identity that reflected the experience, ethos and reputation of the company.

“Neil & Lance have been fantastic in creating our new brand. They were professional at every step of the way and their expertise shone through in their work and the way they talked us through the process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Fiona Clarke, Marketing Specialist – Hadlow Edwards