Do you remember the last time you had surgery? Or went to the dentist?

Just out of curiosity, did you advise the surgeon how to conduct a tonsillectomy or tell the dentist what tools to use to remove that stubborn molar? No? Few of us would try to dabble in these areas of medicine. We have a tendency to ‘leave it to the professionals’.

Yet many people feel they know how to design, whether qualified or not. Throwing their shoes off and dipping their toes into the creative oceans of design. And sadly, it doesn’t always pay off. Sticking with the theme of the ocean, a little paddle into unchartered waters can lead to you drowning your business with a solution that is convoluted or, worse still, conveys the entirely wrong message.

And many businesses can be forgiven for thinking that they are equipped to design. There are so many generic companies promising the earth from a generalised, cheap design. These companies promise to produce something that captures the identity of your company. But how can it? Other designers may smirk knowingly. How can you buy a bespoke suit off the peg? But perhaps people don’t understand just what we do?

But, just what are you paying for? A professional design agency likes to digest the business and fully understand the ethos of your company. You care about your company like it’s an extension of your family, and so do we.

We want to get to know you and the special services that you offer or wonderful things that you produce. Then we like to get to know your audience and customers. We want to work out where you are and where you want to to go. Then, we like to plan. Like Hannibal, for those of you who know the A-Team, we at Bespoke Brands ‘love it when a plan comes together’!

The power of a logo is important and we know semiotics, the study of signs. Therefore, our usual representations are gauged to convey important ideologies about your business. We like to produce solutions that are personal and dynamic, not generic and static. We understand the processes of the brain and we love helping you connect with a wider target market.

Finally, please allow us to do our jobs and work our magic. We like your ideas, input and vision, but please allow us to perform our ‘design surgery’ – it’s what you’re paying us for. Just as you’re not prepared to take your own tonsils out, it might be more productive if you allow us to devise our own creative solutions.

Trust us, we’re doctors designers!


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