In times of economic downturn, there is a familiar trend that sees spend and investment in marketing and branding being one of, if not the first, things to be impacted.

Similarly, when companies are buoyant, marketing spend can also be reduced because, well, why wouldn’t you if lead and sales generation is already higher than expected?

But be warned. Just like regular gym sessions over a sustained period will help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals, even short breaks from training can set you back and take much longer to regain what you’ve lost.

So even in times of leaner trading, organisations still need to invest in marketing and branding to ensure they are best placed when things recover while competitors are on the backfoot and take full advantage

Often businesses will do marketing in fits and spurts, but it doesn’t work. Think of it like a firework – a big bang to start with which quickly fizzles out. Investing all your resources in short term marketing push will create noise, but it won’t last.

In our 45+ years experience, it is far better to have continuous, sustained activity over time with regular reviews to identify what’s working (and what isn’t), learning lessons and refining activities while trialling new ideas.

Those that have taken our advice and worked with us in the lean times to develop and implement initiatives have survived and then ultimately thrived.

The key to all this is working with marketing and branding experts you can trust to help you prioritise the things to invest in, whether it’s preparation for growth once economic recovery raises its head or capitalising on current successes to increase competitiveness and market share in the longer term.

Where do you find such a trustworthy agency? Well we could say ‘look no further’, but if you’re still not sure, why not read our blog on how to choose the right creative agency for you and your business.


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