Luxury and purity in haircare for the My. Lover

About My. Haircare

The brand is named My. HairCare after the concept of guests who talk to their stylists in the chairs about: “My Style, My Curls, My Cut/Colour”

My. HairCare driven by the desire to give clients ethical hair care formulated with clean tested ingredients and environmentally-friendly products with ease of using it ‘at home’ and creating style for themselves.

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Enhance, Enrich and Evolve Yourself with Infuse My Colour Wash by My. Haircare

If you go to a salon colourist or colour your hair at home you’ll need to refresh or retouch your colour every 4-6 weeks. You’ll be panicking when you start seeing fade. Is there a way to extend and keep you colour salon fresh from day 1 after your hair is coloured until your next colour?
My Haircare is proud to launch the ground breaking product: Infuse ‘My’ Colour Wash (Shampoos).
The (5) five washes (shampoos) are the first release in the My. Haircare UK line. Ruby, Copper, Gold, Cobalt and Platinum, infuse vegan biodegradable colour as you wash your hair for immediate colour refreshment and tone.